About me

I work at INFN Torino.
I try to understand non-perturbative physics in many ways, including string theory, supersymmetry, integrability and effective field theories.

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  • string theory
  • conformal field theory
  • supersymmetric gauge theories
  • integrability
  • PhD in theoretical physics, 2006

    École polytechnique (France)

  • DEA physique théorique, 2002

    École normale supérieure Paris (France)

  • laurea in ingegneria nucleare, 2002

    Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Recent Publications

(2023). The unitary Fermi gas at large charge and large N.

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(2023). Goldstone Bosons and Convexity. Phys.Rev.D 108 (2023) 8, 085002.

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(2022). Fermionic CFTs at large charge and large N. JHEP 08 (2023) 180.

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(2022). Spinning correlators in large-charge CFTs. In Nucl.Phys.B.

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