The unitary Fermi gas at large charge and large N


We study the unitary Fermi gas in a harmonic trapping potential starting from a microscopic theory in the limit of large charge and large number of fermion flavors N. In this regime, we present an algorithmic procedure for extracting data from perturbation theory, order-by-order, without the need for other assumptions. We perform a gradient expansion in the interior of the particle cloud, sufficiently far from the cloud edge where the particle density drops rapidly to zero. In this latter region we present the first microscopic computation characterizing the contribution of the edge terms. The microscopic theory reproduces the predictions of the superfluid EFT, including the action, the form of the gap equation, and the energy of the system in a harmonic trap (which maps, via the non-relativistic state-operator correspondence, to the scaling dimension of the lowest operator of charge Q). We additionally give the Wilsonian coefficients at leading order in N up to NNLO in the large-charge expansion.

Domenico Orlando
Domenico Orlando

My research interests include string theory, conformal field theory, supersymmetric gauge theories and integrability