String theory and the 4D/3D reduction of Seiberg duality. A Review


We review the reduction of four-dimensional N=1 Seiberg duality to three dimensions focusing on the D brane engineering approach. We start with an overview of four-dimensional Seiberg duality for theories with various types of gauge groups and matter content both from a field-theoretic and a brane engineering point of view. Then we describe two families of N=2 three-dimensional dualities, namely Giveon-Kutasov-like and Aharony-like dualities. The last part of our discussion is devoted to the 4D/3D reduction of the dualities studied above. We discuss both the analysis at finite radius, crucial for preserving the duality in the dimensional reduction, and the zero-size limit that must be supported by a real mass flow and a Higgsing, which can differ case by case. We show that this mechanism is reproduced in the brane description by T-duality, supplying a unified picture for all the different cases. As a bonus we show that this analysis provides a brane description for Aharony-like dualities.

Physics Reports 705-706.Supplement C (2017).